Build A Variety of Skills In Kids At An Early Age with the Pearl Puzzle Game

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  • Develop their motor skills naturally by matching pearls with cups.

  • Fun creative playtime that encouages creativity

  • Teaches them how to explore the world around them

  • Help your child learn how to use utencils properly

  • Boost your child's color-matching and concentration skills!

Reasons You Will Love Pearl Puzzle Game

Color Recognition

A fun creative way to teach colors, shapes, numbers and more!

Practice Early

Improve your child's grasping and motor skills from an early age.

Creative Thinking

Encourage your little one to think, imagine and observe creatively.

Treat Learning as Playtime

Teaching your toddler to use utensils takes time, patience and planning. 

But with The Pearl Puzzle Game you can make it fun! It's an early educational board game for kids that will help them:

- Improve hand-eye coordination 

- Identify colors easily and quickly

- Improve their ability to think and observe

(AKA skills they will need later on life!)

The Quickest Way to Develop Motor Skills

Let your child explore the world through play! 

Playtime is crucial for their brain because it allows them to learn and explore while having fun. 

So with your help, you'll be training their concentration and focusing skills!

Start by letting your child pick up the wooden utensil to practice their pincer grasp.

Then let them familiarize each bead colour and guide your child by color-matching pearls with silicone cups.

Through this, you're child will develop their motor skills naturally.

Nurture Your Child's Creativity and Imagination

Imagine the possibilities with the Pearl Puzzle Game.

With its colorful puzzle prints, your child can create new artworks by following a layout and forming patterns made from pearls in their wooden tray. 

They're able to entertain themselves for hours while learning shapes, numbers, letters...the list goes on! 

It's far more than just about being creative—it helps inspire imagination too!

Pearl Puzzle Board Tray

  • Material: High-quality & ethically-sourced wood
  • Size: 22cm x 22cm x 2cm

Pearl Beards and Silicone Cups

  • Beads Quantity: 7 colored beads; 11 pcs each color
  • Beads Color: Rainbow
  • Beads Size: 1.8cm x 1.8cm
  • Silicone Cups Color: Rainbow
  • Silicone Cups Size: 3cm x7cm

Pearl Puzzle Game Includes

  • 5pcs Colored Puzzle Prints
  • 1 Spoon, 1 Clip, 1 Pair of Chopsticks

Please Note:

  • Adult supervision is required, this set contains choking hazard. Don't let your children play alone.
  • Suitable for 18 months old to 3 years old above.




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Frequently Asked Questions

What's a suitable age for this product?

We recommend it for ages 18 to 36 months as this is the perfect time to learn the skills they'll develop using this product. But it bears repeating—please do NOT let your child play with this on their own as it presents a choking hazard.

Are the beads wooden or plastic?

All the beads are made from high-quality wood.

What material are the sorting cups made from? Is it paper or silicone or plastic?

The sorting cups are made from food-grade silicone.

How much is the shipping cost?

We offer FREE shipping for orders over $50 USD. Otherwise, there's a shipping fee of $4.95.

What are the shipping times?

We currently ship worldwide. Most orders are delivered within 7-15 days to the US, UK and Australia. All other countries, please allow an extra 5 days for delivery.

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