Our passion lies with the little ones of this world. The future generations of this Earth. Problem is, we're noticing that our little nuggets aren't being equipped with the necessary tools needed to succeed and prosper in life. Every child deserves a chance to learn the skills, gain the experience, and develop the abilities they'll need to make their mark on this world—the future leaders of tomorrow!
So whether you're a grandmother looking for a nurturing gift to give to your grandchild, or you're a busy mama looking for something that'll make your life a little easier—we've got you covered. But the best part—while you treat your little one to something special—you're also treating hungry kids to nourishing food.
Every month, we donate a portion of our profits to the World Food Programme, to help feed hungry children around the world. It's hard to imagine your little one going to bed with an empty tummy. Unfortunately, for many children around the world, it's a harsh reality. So far, our lovely customers have helped feed 319 children for an entire day! So for playing a role in building a world with zero hunger, we say thank you! 💙
But it doesn't end there. We're continuously learning, growing, and innovating with our customers. By learning what kinds of products or specific features you would like in products, and how they would benefit you and your child's life—we're able to come together and further fulfill our mission of helping kids around the world bloom into a bright future! 🙂
From the deepest place in our hearts—we welcome you to the BB family and thank you for playing a vital role in our journey.