"The Coolest Dino I've Ever Come Across..."

Meet the Most Amazing, Interactive Dinosaur Building Kit! 

  • Develop child's hands-on and assembly ability

  • Improve your child's logical reasoning and problem-solving skills

  • Perfect to play in groups of 2-3 children

  • A fun way to get your child excited about STEM!

  • The most incredible gift for a dino fanatic!

“She was ecstatic!!”

“When I saw these DIY Dinosaurs I thought they were looked really fun. My little girl is obsessed with dinosaurs so I couldn't of picked a better gift. She was ecstatic to say the least! She hasn't gotten bored of it in weeks and loves that it can shoot arrows too!”

Meagan R.

California, USA

Toddler Playing With FunnyFingers Painting Kit


Meet the Dinosaurs that Has Every Kid Going Crazy!

FunnyFingers Painting Tree

Let your child experience a whole new Dino!

Say hello to the most amazing and interactive dinosaur building kit!

This multi-colored, realistic design will make your kids feel like they're living in a prehistoric world. It comes with 3 kinds of dinos - triceratops, tyrannosaurus rex (T Rex) and Velociraptor.

You'll be able to free their creativity as well because this toy is so much fun for both you AND them!

Learning through play

Our DIY Dinosaur Toys can move the joints of its head, hands and feet to swing it around in all different directions. Children use their imagination and creativity by combining dinosaur parts at random for an exciting buildable toy for endless hours playing make believe!

The DIY toy set is a great way for kids to learn about engineering and problem solving. The screwdriver comes with instructions that make sense, it's easy enough so even preschoolers can understand them! Kids will have fun putting their own creations together which they'll take apart when the time comes too - what more could you ask from an activity?

FunnyFingers Painting Tree

An STEM toy that's educational and fun!

STEM dinosaur toys are the perfect way to get your child excited about STEM! Made of durable, non-toxic ABS material and without harming their little hands during construction. The edges are smooth which makes it safe for them play with dinosaurs that can be built in any shape or form you want - even ones they make up themselves!

Educational toys are the perfect gift for any occasion. They're a great way to engage your child and teach them about science and technology from an early age. Plus, you'll be keeping their minds active while valuable life skills like problem solving and logical reasoning.

Now's your chance to win the 'Best Present of the Year' award... If your child is a dino fanatic, then this is guaranteed to be a hit! Enjoy the savings and place your order today!

FunnyFingers Painting Tree
FunnyFingers Painting Tree

60-Day Money Back Guarantee!

We're 100% confident about our product that we'll give you a FULL REFUND if you don't absolutely love them, or there are any issues whatsoever within the first 60 days.

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Pick the Perfect Gift and Surprise Your Child Today!

1 DIY Dinosaur (3 Pack)

50% OFF


  • 1 x Triceratops

  • 1 x Tyrannosaurus Rex

  • 1 x Velociraptor

Best Value

3 DIY Dinosaurs (9 Pack)

60% OFF


  • 3 x Triceratops

  • 3 x Tyrannosaurus Rex

  • 3 x Velociraptor

Most Popular

2 DIY Dinosaurs (6 Pack)

56% OFF


  • 2 x Triceratops

  • 2 x Tyrannosaurus Rex

  • 2 x Velociraptor

Why Choose DIY Dinosaur?

  • Made of high-quality ABS material, BPA-free and safe for kids.

  • Dinosaurs have exciting shooting function

  • Dinosaurs limbs move, more realistic for kids.

  • Complete kit, securely packed and ready to go!

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee—or your money back.

  • Made of cheap, flimsy plastic.

  • Only assembly, no shooting function.

  • Dinosaurs unable to move limbs, less realistic.

  • Cheap materials to cut costs

  • No guarantee

See Why Parents Love DIY Dinosaur Kit™

Frequently Asked Questions

What's a suitable age for this product?

We recommend it for ages 3 and up! But please note, always play under the supervision of an adult as this product does contain small parts that may present a choking hazard.

Does it come with instructions?

Yes, this product comes with instructions on how to assemble the toy.

Do you still ship during the COVID-19 regulations?

Yes! Our shipping services remain open despite the COVID-19 outbreak and regulations.

How much is the shipping cost?

FREE! Nada, zilch. We want you and your child to enjoy your new finger painting kit without the hassle of hidden costs.

Though, if you'd like receive your order faster, we have an express shipping option :)

Money-Back Guarantee

We know it can be daunting ordering things online.

We take our customers' satisfaction very seriously, which is why we want you make sure you have an amazing experience building and creating memories with your little one.

If you or your child have anything short of an amazing time building and playing with these dinosaurs - email us within 60 days of receiving the product and we'll give you all your money back.

We look forward to seeing the excitement these incredible toys will bring to your children, as well as the skills they'll develop in the process.

- The Team at BloomingBabies

Ready to enter the prehistoric time with your little one? 



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