The Perfect Manicure For Your Little One. In Minutes.

Imagine a nail trimmer that takes the fear out of cutting your baby's nails once and for all, and that's easy enough to do it while they're sleeping without them ever knowing.

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  • You'll never have to worry about cutting them too short again.

  • So quiet you can literally trim their nails in their sleep.

  • Built-in LED light so you can see exactly what you're doing.

  • Keeps babies from scratching themselves in their sleep.

  • 60-day money back guarantee.

60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Here's Why You Will Love TinyTots™

Safe, Gentle & Harmless

No more worries about cutting too far into their delicate skin with this unique trimmer that has foam cushioning under the emery boards so you can file little fingers without hurting them!

Quick, Easy & Effortless

This ingenious device allows mothers to trim their baby's nails without them feeling a thing! The trimming speed choices allow for a safe operation while maintaining desired shape - this takes only 5 minutes or less with our innovative machine!

Whisper-Quiet Sound

Equipped with a whisper-quiet motor, you'll be able to trim your baby's nails even while they're asleep!


Are you a parent who is anxious about cutting your baby's nails?

This electric nail trimmer will make it easy for you to trim your baby's nails without the risk of hurting them. You can use this product on babies as young as 3 months old, and it works so well that even grandparents have said they were able to use TinyTots™ with ease. 

It’s also great because there are no blades or sharp edges involved in the process, which means your child won’t get hurt if they accidentally bump into anything while wearing their new manicure.

The Safe & Easy Way to Trim Your Baby's Nails

Plus, you won't have to worry about cutting too much off or causing any pain to your child like clippers do.

The gentle vibrations from the device help calm down fussy babies (sometimes even putting them to sleep). Making it easier for parents to give their children the perfect manicure every time! 

If you're looking for an electric nail trimmer that makes cutting your baby's nails simple and safe, look no further than TinyTots™ - Electric Baby Nail Trimmer!

Order your trimmer today and see for yourself how much your baby will indulge in getting their new manicure!


Safe: This nail trimmer won't damage cuticles or soft nail beds, so you can safely and quickly trim and polish little toenails and fingernails.

Quiet: Boasting an LED front light and whisper-quiet motor, you can trim their nails while they're sleeping without them ever knowing.

LED Light: Help you safely trim your baby's nails.

Multipurpose Tool: Use it for you or your baby. Achieve perfect cuts every time.

Multiple Settings: control speed (high/low) and rotation (clockwise/reverse) to enhance nail trimming positions for softer & smoother nails.

Lightweight, Compact Design: made with a one-button design and powered by 2 AA batteries, this is the perfect parent's or baby's gift for home or travel use.


Material: ABS

Power Supply: 2 x AA Batteries (Not Included)

Features: Electric, 6 in 1, Low Noise, Clipper Tool

Length: 13cm/5.12", Width: 4cm/1.57" (Approx.)

Package Includes

1x Nail Trimmer

6x Nail Trimmer Heads

Give A Perfect, Peaceful Manicure Every Time

TinyTots™ - Electric Baby Nail Trimmer



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Satisfaction Guarantee

If you give it a try for 60 days and you (or your baby) isn't absolutely obsessed with your new trimmer, just let us know and we'll issue a refund.

We're not here to make a quick buck. Our goal is to provide thousands of parents with unique and helpful products that will help your little ones bloom into a bright future. And what better way than with a fresh manicure!?

So if it doesn't work for you, we want you to feel confident trying one of our other products in the future.

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