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Mr. Crab™ - Fun & Interactive Tummy Time Crawling Crab Toy

Endless Entertainment:  A fun, entertaining way to make tummy time more exciting for your little one! This charming crab is bound to put a smile on their face every time.

Get Your Baby Movin': Mr. Crab™ is the perfect way to help your child be more active while they work on their tummy time skills. A fun and interactive way to improve their strength, visual tracking skills and body coordination.

What You Get: 1 Mr. Crab™ by BloomingBabies, 1 Charging Cable, 1 eBook.

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Over 8,000 Little Ones Love Mr. Crab™!

Mr. Crab™ by BloomingBabies

Active Movement
Mr. Crab™ helps encourage your baby to move and develop essential skills like reaching and crawling.

Effective Stimulation
A safe and fun way to help baby develop their senses while having a blast!

Achieve Developmental Milestones
Mr. Crab™ is the fastest way to help your child take their first steps and achieve developmental milestones.

First Interactive Tummy Time Toy
Mr. Crab™ reacts to his surroundings, so babies can explore and learn as they play. Plus, he's able to navigate obstacles, so even the most active babies can have fun!

USB Charging
No batteries necessary - just charge him up and let him loose!

Happy Tummy Time
No more fussing and crying. Turn an unhappy tummy time to a good time!

The Cure To An Unhappy Tummy Time

It's no surprise that tummy time is crucial for your child's development. But it becomes a problem when they no longer enjoy it...

A lack of tummy time can not only affect how long it takes for your little one to master basic skills such as lifting their head and turning over. But it may also have an impact on physical milestones like sitting, crawling and walking. Leading them to fall behind their peers in strength, mobility and coordination.

That's why we developed Mr. Crab™. Your best kept secret for keeping your child entertained and active while they work on their tummy time skills!

Encouraging your little one to be more active by crawling and chasing it. Improving their strength, visual tracking skills and body coordination.

All without lifting a finger! (Except for turning it on, of course).

Mr. Crab™ is the secret to adding excitement and wonder to your little one's tummy time! Plus, you get to witness their reaction when they see Mr. Crab™ scuttle around in front of them...

Looking for a Fun and Interactive Toy for Your Little Ones?

Mr. Crab™ is the perfect choice! This charming and amusing crab is bound to put a smile on your child's face every time!

This fun and feisty crustacean scuttles around on the floor while playing a funky upbeat music track.

And it's so simple to use - just turn it on and let him loose!

Mr. Crab™ will happily crawl side to side on his own, but if he encounters an obstacle, he'll automatically turn in a different direction. He's sure to provide hours of fun for your little ones (and you might even get a laugh or two watching him scuttle around!).

A Charming Gift for Little Ones

Mr. Crab™ is a perfect gift for children!

With a long-lasting lithium battery, Mr. Crab™ can operate for up to 30 minutes non-stop, making him the perfect playtime pal. 

A handy USB charging cable is included, so you can easily recharge Mr. Crab™ before his next play session.

This charming little crab is sure to captivate and entertain. Watch on as all the kids chuckle and chase him around the house!

So bring home your very own Mr. Crab™ today while the sale is still on!

Why Mr. Crab™ is a Must-Have for Little Ones!

  • Encourages your baby to move to develop essential skills like reaching & crawling

  • Strengthens arm & neck muscles to reduce risk of SIDS

  • Dramatically improves coordination, balance and eye-tracking

  • Decreases risk of SIDS due to stronger core strength

  • Fast-track your little one's progress to taking their first steps

  • Turns an unhappy tummy time to an exciting playtime!

  • Delays in achieving developmental milestones

  • Weaker muscles in neck & shoulders

  • Inability to easily roll over, sit or crawl

  • Take longer to develop motor skills like coordination & balance

  • Increased risk of SIDS due to poor muscle development

  • Constant crying & fussing during tummy time

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Get Your Baby Crawling (Or Walking) In A Matter Of Weeks!

Know a little someone that is finding their first steps?

Fast-track their progress while letting them have fun in the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this product need batteries?

Nope! Mr. Crab has a built-in rechargeable battery, and comes packed with USB charging cable. A full charge lasts around 30 minutes - more than enough time to get the kids up and moving!

Does the crab work on carpet?

Mr. Crab works best on hard floors. Although he does work on some types of carpet, however, he doesn't move as fast as he normally would and can sometimes get stuck.

How is the quality of this toy? Will it be damaged by hitting the wall?

We've had to make Mr. Crab durable enough to withstand some rough play. And no, he won't be damaged by hitting the wall due to having two sensors on either side. As soon as he comes into contact with an obstacle, he'll change direction before he bangs into anything!

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