Is Your Baby Getting Enough Tummy Time? This Genius New Toy Can Help

By Meagan Andrews | April 29, 2022

Mr. Crab

"What a fabulous product. A great gift for new parents who want their child to start crawling earlier than the normal age of 12 months. It's a tool that will help them get there faster and more easily, without any stress." - Lena A.

Baby Doing Tummy Time

Is Your Little One Getting Enough Tummy Time?

It's no secret that tummy time is important for babies. But if you're like most new parents, you may be hesitant to give your baby too much tummy time. After all, who wants to listen to their child cry and fuss for hours on end?

But what many parents don't know is that not enough tummy time can lead to some major health problems down the road. One of these problems is plagiocephaly, which is a flattening of the back or side of the head.

According to Heather Kadey, M.S., a Board Certified Behavior Analyst at Georgia State University, infants who don't get enough tummy time (and spend an excessive amount of time on their backs) may delay in achieving developmental milestones.¹

"Infants who spend extensive periods of time supine may have limited opportunities to build the muscles in the neck and shoulders necessary for rolling over, sitting, and crawling."

Tummy Time Can't Be Avoided... What Can Be Done?

Research suggests that it's good to change your baby's position when they're awake to offset the negative side effects of prolonged periods lying on their back.

What can be done? You can do what most new parents do and try to put up with the fussing and crying that occurs during most tummy time sessions. Or even worse, avoid tummy time altogether.

But what if there was a smart, easy solution that keeps babies happy, active, and engaged without all the fussing and crying?

Stop the Tummy Time Tears And Get Your Hands On This Innovative New Solution

  • Turn an unhappy tummy time into a fun and exciting time

  • Helps develop motor skills such as balance, coordination & eye-tracking

  • Fast-track your baby's progress for crawling and walking

  • Encourages active movement and a great bonding experience

Mr. Crab is an innovative new toy that is quickly becoming a must-have for parents of young infants. Mr. Crab helps babies to be more active during tummy time, while also providing a visual aid to help them stay engaged. Thereby helping your baby build the muscles they need to progress to crawling and eventually walking.

Thousands of parents are taking advantage of this new product and are getting their little ones crawling A LOT sooner than the normal age of 12 months.

But fair warning: this word about Mr. Crab is spreading like wildfire and most customers are buying in bundles.

We strongly suggest ordering now, before inventory runs low or stock completely sells out again. (Available in both Blue and Yellow colors, but check the next page for inventory as one color could be sold out already!)

Can This Tummy Time Toy Really Help My Child Start Walking? How?

Mr. Crab has built-in sensors that respond to his surroundings. As soon as he detects an obstacle, he'll crawl in the opposite direction. So, as your baby crawls and chases him during tummy time, he'll scuttle off in a hurry.

This encourages babies to be more active and engaged during tummy time while also providing valuable visual stimuli.

Not only is Mr. Crab bright and colorful — but he's also equipped with flashing lights and plays a funky upbeat track that helps to engage further and stimulate your little one's senses.

So not only will Mr. Crab help your baby build the muscles they need to progress to crawling and eventually walking, but he'll also provide valuable sensory stimulation that is essential for healthy development.

Here's What Other Parents Had To Say:

Don't take it from us:

"My son absolutely adores the crab toy and will not stop playing with it. This toy contains sensors on both of its crab legs, which means that whenever it is about to collide with something, it will automatically move in the opposite direction of the collision. It also comes with music and a brightly colored flashlight, which add to the overall enjoyment of the game. The battery also lasts a long time, and I just need to charge it around twice a week. In general, I'm pleased with my purchase." — Kaitlen K.

"Cute and playful toy. Recently I have purchased bunches of baby/toddler toys and so far this is our favorite to look at. And of course, my 2 years old son and even our 6 years old daughter had a great time chasing the hell out of the crab lol while the little 5 months old giggling on my lap. It's very convenient that the crab is rechargeable (less waste)." — Temitope O.

"Crab does everything the product description states. Boys 2.5 years and 10 months were fascinated by it. Both played with it, chased it and even cuddled it. Plus it’s entertainment for the whole family." — Harpreet G.

How Does Mr. Crab Compare To Regular Tummy Time Toys?

  • Made from high-quality, durable ABS

  • Fun, bright and colorful

  • Encourages body movement and coordination

  • Contains multiple visual and auditory stimuli

  • Rechargable batteries = less waste

Ordinary Tummy Time Toys

  • Low-quality, unsafe plastic

  • Unattractive, dull and boring

  • Stationary, doesn't encourage movement

  • Contains only one visual or auditory element

  • Uses 3X disposable batteries (creating lots of waste!)

When I first saw this product online, I was a complete skeptic... I mean, how could a toy really help my baby start crawling or even walking in a matter of weeks? To me, it sounded "too good to be true."

Plus, I've bought plenty of tummy time toys in the past that claim to do similar things. Most were either too difficult for babies to use, didn't provide enough stimulation, or were just plain boring. So, after skimming through the rave reviews, I decided to give Mr. Crab a go.

It was fireworks straight out of the box! In fact, I think the whole family was mesmerized by this delightful crustacean.

Since using Mr. Crab, my baby has been much more engaged and active during tummy time. He loves watching the crab scuttle around and tries to follow it as he crawls around the house. And the best part is that he's actually building the muscles he needs to progress to crawling and eventually walking!

BOTTOM LINE: If you've tried countless "engaging" tummy time toys... if you're concerned that your child isn't getting the proper exercise they need... or if you simply don't want to put up with all the fussing and crying and want to make tummy time an enjoyable experience (for everyone)... this little guy is your answer. I would highly recommend this product to any parent of a young infant. It's an absolute life-saver!

How To Try Mr. Crab, Risk-Free, Today

BloomingBabies' Mr. Crab is not available in stores and can only be found online through the link on this page.

Now that you've discovered how to turn an unhappy tummy time into a good time - without all the fussing and crying - follow these steps to get started:

  1. Go to the official BloomingBabies website to place your order (Blue and Yellow Available)
  2. Enjoy a fun and exciting tummy time, EVERY time.

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